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Web application development services in China

Discovery phase

To ensure the success of the entire development process, we perform user/market/stakeholder research, define goals, and plan the project's scope and technical specifications.

UI/UX web app design

We design stunning web applications and dashboards from wireframes, interactive prototypes, and user interfaces with user-friendly experiences and rich data visualization.

Front-end development

Harnessing the latest technology in front-end web development, we build stunning responsive interfaces for web apps and dashboards using Vue or React, Tailwind CSS, and Typescript.

Back-end development

We specialize in building custom back-end solutions that form the powerful backbone of your complex business applications using Laravel, Node.js, and Rust.

MVP development

We help you quickly bring your startup or business idea to life through rapid functional prototyping of your MVP product to quickly validate with users or investors.

Maintenance & support

Through ongoing monitoring, updates, and swift issue resolution, we ensure your business system remains secure, up-to-date, and optimized for peak performance.


Vue.js / Nuxt

React / Next

Tailwind CSS


WebGL / Three.js


Laravel Nova



Team add-ons

UX + UI designer

Project manager

Front-end developer

Back-end developer

Technical director

QA tester

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From concept to launch and beyond, we are your expert web app development team

  • Fully managed & dedicated teams of expert web app developers for your project
  • Custom web app development to meet your unique business needs and challenges
  • User experienced focused design process to ensure your apps are sticky
  • Proven success in delivering complex web app projects for various industries

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We actively contribute to the open source community

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Which back-end technology do you use to build web applications?

Laravel is our go-to framework. The Laravel open-source framework is designed specifically for building powerful web applications. Laravel is the most popular backend framework on Github, and is exceptionally well maintained and documented by a large and active community of developers contributing to the project. We believe Laravel is the framework of choice for building custom web applications.

How long does it take to build a web application?

The length of a web application project varies on the complexity of your requirements and the size of your project measured by the amount of pages, features, and functions it has.

To provide a starting point to understand web app development timelines:

  • Small project / No complex functions or technology / Starts at around 8 weeks
  • Medium project / Moderate complex functions or technology / Starts at around 3 months
  • Large project / Complex functions or technology / Starts at around 6 months

To understand how long it will take to build your web app project, contact us, share your brief and requirements documents with us and start a discussion.

Are there admin dashboards I can use for my MVP?

Yes, we recommend Laravel Nova. Nova is a very well-designed admin panel dashboard made by the creators of Laravel that allows for the rapid development of custom web applications. Created by the same team who builds and maintains Laravel, Nova has a code consistency that is unrivaled with other administration panels and dashboard options. With the latest release of Nova 4, there has been a huge boost in the user experience, out-of-the-box functionality, and customizations to the user interface design. We believe Nova is the best solution for building clean, consistent, and beautiful Laravel dashboards if your project does not require a complete custom back-end UI design.

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