Global Ecommerce Website


A global e-commerce website catering to customers and businesses across multiple regions and languages for ZIVA - a leading brand in elite-performance sports and wellness.

A global e-commerce website for Ziva by Digital Creative, case study cover image
A global e-commerce website for Ziva by Digital Creative, case study cover image

Global Ecommerce Website


A global e-commerce website catering to customers and businesses across multiple regions and languages for ZIVA - a leading brand in elite-performance sports and wellness.

Efficiently targeting global customers: ZIVA's approach to home and commercial ecommerce

ZIVA faced the challenge of targeting customers internationally while catering to two distinct target audiences - consumers for their Home line and B2B customers for their Commercial line, each with specific ecommerce requirements.

Home Line:'s Home line is designed for direct-to-consumer e-commerce, where customers can purchase directly from the website.

Commercial Line:'s Commercial line is focused on serving B2B customers and involves a Request for Quotation (RFQ) process, where businesses can request pricing information and customized quotes.

The objective was to create an online platform that efficiently served both audiences while delivering an exceptional user experience, optimized website speed, performance, and search engine visibility.


React + Next.js

Tailwind CSS

Three.js / WebGL


Laravel Nova

Stripe API integration

3PL API integration

ziva ecommerce website built by Digital Creative overview

User-centered design and modern UI for intuitive experiences

We initiated the project with an in-depth user experience design phase, where we meticulously crafted the discovery, browsing, and purchasing flow for both the Home and Commercial lines.

Our priority was to create an intuitive, swift, and delightful experience that would keep users engaged and drive conversions. By adopting a clean and modern UI design, we strategically highlighted product images and specifications, directing users' attention to their purchase journey and enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Our design team crafted visually stunning and modern user interfaces that integrated seamlessly within a harmonious design system. The result was an aesthetically pleasing website with a consistent and captivating visual language aligned with ZIVA's brand identity.

ziva website homepage view

Seamless development with a modern tech stack

We utilized the powerful combination of React.js and Next.js. React.js, known for its declarative nature, allowed us to write clean, readable, and maintainable code.

The website's back-end was built using Laravel, a full-stack framework renowned for its reliability and extensive feature set. Thanks to its comprehensive suite of built-in functionalities, Laravel allowed us to develop a robust website easily.

We leveraged Laravel Nova, a powerful administration panel, to further enhance the back-end system. With Laravel Nova, we custom-tailored dashboards and workflows, resulting in a flexible and secure e-commerce backend system that perfectly catered to ZIVA's unique requirements.

Maximizing website efficiency: Speed, performance, and SEO optimization

We optimized the website to load quickly by implementing server-side rendering (SSR), clean and valid code, compressed media files, and minimizing HTTP requests. This resulted in improved return visits, lower bounce rates, higher conversions, increased engagement, better organic search rankings, and enhanced user experience.

We established an optimized on-site SEO structure for ZIVA through automation and CMS tools. Our strategy extended beyond keywords, focusing on content topics and search intent to enhance relevance. We integrated Schema Markup to provide rich, structured data and facilitate featured snippets, ensuring improved visibility on SERP.

ziva ecommerce website product catalogue and product listing view

Unique features empowering customers and business partners

To provide unique value to ZIVA's customers and meet the specific needs of their target audiences, we implemented two key additional features:

Comprehensive Training Library: Understanding the importance of empowering customers with knowledge, we built an extensive training library integrated into the website. This library offers various video tutorials covering essential products and their usage. To access this resource, users simply need to register for a free account.

B2B Business Portal: Recognizing the unique requirements of ZIVA's B2B audience, we developed a dedicated business portal area. This portal is a centralized hub where reselling partners can securely log in and access various media resources tailored to their needs. These resources include videos, images, catalogs, and brand assets that can be utilized for their marketing initiatives.

ziva ecommerce website main pages overview

Empowering ZIVA's digital journey with a custom ecommerce solution

Implementing our custom-built ecommerce solution has significantly transformed ZIVA's digital presence, revolutionizing how consumers and businesses interact with their offerings. With a focus on delivering an engaging user experience on the front-end and ensuring seamless management and operations on the back-end, we have successfully crafted a platform that truly embodies ZIVA's commitment to elite performance in sports and wellness.
We are proud to have contributed to ZIVA's digital transformation and look forward to witnessing the continued success of the ecommerce solution we have delivered.

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