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We design seamless infotainment systems that transform vehicles into connected entertainment and control hubs. Playing a vital role in enhancing in-car experience, infotainment systems provide convenient access to a wide range of features and services while ensuring safety and ease of use.

Head-up display (HUD)

Heads-up display visuals provide a powerful visual UX extension for the driver, projecting need-to-know vehicle and navigation data directly into the field of view. Leveraging advanced optics and contextual rendering, our HUD designs promote safety by integrating information flows directly on the roadway ahead.

Rear-seat infotainment

Rear cabin infotainment experiences for interactive climate control, seat control, connected media, and communications. Our UX-first approach emphasizes an immersive blend of comfort, connectivity, and entertainment, elevating every moment for rear-seat passengers across multiple journey types and purposes.


Our HMI navigation system designs focus on intelligent destination searching with voice and touch, smart recommendations, and real-time guidance that seamlessly integrates with live traffic and location data. A strong HMI navigation design empowers familiar routes and makes venturing into new territories effortless.

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What is HMI design?

HMI is the abbreviation for Human Machine Interface. In HMI design we design the interfaces that humans interact with when using machines, devices, and systems, and in our case specifically for the automotive industry. These interfaces include touchscreens and control panels, commonly referred to as infotainment systems.

In HMI design our goal is to make the interactions between the users and the interface intuitive, efficient, safe, and user-friendly.

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