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We specialize in building cross-platform (Flutter) apps from one codebase, building mobile and tablet apps for iOS, Android, desktop, and web applications.

Native Android & iOS

We build high-performance native apps for iOS (Swift) and Android (Kotlin/Java) to ensure complex requirements convert to seamless user experiences.

Concept & prototyping

We help you conceptualize your app ideas in a discovery phase to design and visualize the core features and functions in UX in an interactive prototype.

App UI/UX design

Our design team balances beautiful aesthetics with meaningful experiences that are easy to use and focused on user retention and conversions.

Testing & QA

We provide quality assurance testing from unit, integration, and system testing to performance, usability, and compatibility testing to meet the highest standards.

App Store management

We publish and distribute your apps to various Android app stores in China, iOS Appstore, and the Google Play Store, helping you navigate compliance.



Swift / Objective C

Kotlin / Java



API development

CMS + CRM builds

sCRM integrations


Team add-ons

UX + UI designer

Project manager

Business analyst

Back-end developer

QA tester

Technical director

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Power Bank SaaS Rental


SaaS mobile & web app


3D Ski Tracking App

Rolling Beast

Mobile app development

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Diary Study SaaS Tool


SaaS mobile & web app development

Empowering startups and enterprises with tailored app solutions

IoT and smart devices solutions

We build IoT and smart device applications that harness the power of connectivity, from Bluetooth-enabled devices to seamless IoT ecosystems, to enhance user experiences of smart devices and streamline operations.

Automotive experience

We build specialized automotive apps designed to elevate the ownership experience. From vehicle control and infotainment to remote diagnostics and safety features, we provide OEMs with brand-specific solutions that enhance convenience, connectivity, and the overall driving experience.

In-store retail digital touchpoints

We create digital touchpoints for in-store retail, optimizing the shopping journey with interactive displays, augmented reality, and personalized recommendations, revolutionizing the retail landscape for the shopping experience of tomorrow.

Clienteling apps for sales staff

Our clienteling apps empower sales staff, whether in-store or remote, to deliver personalized and data-driven customer experiences that drive sales, fostering lasting client relationships and gather data for segmented marketing.

E-commerce solutions

Our e-commerce solutions bridge the gap between traditional and digital retail. We build custom ecommerce apps across many industries, enabling businesses to offer exceptional shopping experiences to customers in China and worldwide.

GPS tracking solutions

From localized GPS services in China for specialized applications to global positioning using Google and Apple location services, we design GPS tracking apps that provide accurate and location-aware experiences for various industries.

From concept to launch, we are your trusted mobile app team in China

  • Fully managed & dedicated teams of expert app developers for your project
  • Custom app development to meet your unique business needs and challenges
  • User experienced focused design process to ensure your apps are sticky
  • Proven success in delivering complex mobile app projects for various industries

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Which cross-platform framework do you recommend for building mobile apps?

We recommend Flutter. Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google, it combines the quality of native apps with the flexibility and speed of cross-platform development. It was ranked as the most loved framework by developers on StackOverflow due to its fantastic features and performance, and we couldn't agree more.

How long does it take to build a mobile app?

The length of a mobile app project depends on the complexity of your requirements and the size of your app measured by the amount of screens, features, and functions.

To provide a starting point to understand mobile app development timelines:

  • Small project / No complex functions or technology / Starts at around 6 weeks
  • Medium project / Moderate complex functions or technology / Starts at around 2 months
  • Large project / Complex functions or technology / Starts at around 6 months

To understand how long it will take to build your app project, contact us, share your brief and requirements documents with us and start a discussion.

How much does it cost to build a mobile app?

When we build mobile apps using cross-platform frameworks such as Flutter, there is a singular code-base. This creates consistency and requires less time and resources to develop and maintain a single app, rather than having two code bases, one for iOS and one for Android. That means a faster development cycle with a lower cost for you. The actual cost of building an app depends on your brief and the complexity and size of your project.

To provide a starting point to understand what those costs might like like:

  • Small project / No complex functions or technology / Starts at around 10,000 USD or 72,000 RMB
  • Medium project / Moderate complex functions or technology / Starts at around 30,000 USD or 216,000 RMB
  • Large project / Complex functions or technology / Starts at around 100,000 USD or 720,000 RMB

To understand how much your project is likely to cost, contact us, share your brief and requirements documents with us and start a discussion.

Can Flutter build iOS and Android apps with one codebase?

Yes, Flutter allows us to write one codebase and deploy it on both iOS, and Android. Typically to build native mobile applications, you would need to build one app for iOS (in Swift or Objective C), and another for Android (in Kotlin or Java). Dart is the single programming language used to develop Flutter apps that work beautifully cross-platform.

Do apps built in Flutter have a native app look and feel?

Yes, Flutter does maintain a native look and feel. For other cross-framework tools, they can't render the same look and feel of a native app like Flutter does. Instead of building on top of native UI components (think React Native), Flutter draws the UI from scratch, maintaining the native experience and feel of the app, as well as its excellent performance across platforms.

Do you do native iOS and Android development?

Yes, our team develops native components and apps for iOS using Swift and Objective C, and for Android using Kotlin and Java. We will often build hybrid mobile apps that have a foundation in Flutter that can share a code-base across both the iOS and Android app, and then build native components for lower level functions that utilize hardware specific components, performance optimizations, and platform-specific features.

Do you help with app store submissions and compliance in China?

Yes, we help prepare your app for submission and launch in China. For iOS apps this is done on the Apple Appstore, just like global apps. For Android, there is no Google Play app store in China, and instead there are countless local Android app stores that each have their own rules, regulations, and compliances (PIPL etc.) to follow. Our team has the experience to navigate and manage the app store submission processes to help your app launch and be optimized in China. We also help manage your apps on global app stores too.

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