Digital Data Capture CRM


A custom CRM development for Hublot Greater China to meet the unique requirements of a global luxury watch brand with China localization needs.

Hublot China custom CRM background image
Hublot China custom CRM background image

Digital Data Capture CRM


A custom CRM development for Hublot Greater China to meet the unique requirements of a global luxury watch brand with China localization needs.

Custom CRM software built from the ground up

In 2019 we began our partnership with LVMH to build a suite of software products to drive Hublot’s digital transformation across Greater China. Digital Data Capture (DDC), the CRM project, was created to act as the source of truth for boutique and digital consumer touch-point data across Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

Due to the unique nature of Hublot’s high-value products, sales processes, and the distinctly localized digital ecosystem within China, a custom-built CRM approach provided the ideal solution to streamline operations and provide ultimate data security and control.

Technology stack






Hublot Custom CRM dashboard design

A sample dashboard overview.

Enabling data intelligence across all business functions

Digital Data Capture CRM syncs data from online and offline customer touchpoints including boutique visits captured via the In-store Clienteling iPad App, Ecommerce WeChat Mini Program, WeChatista (owners) Wechat Mini Program, Hublot WeChat OA, Hublot official website, and 3rd-party implementations with Salesforce and Convertlabs sCRM.

This provides an intelligent 360-degree view of actionable customer data allowing for streamlined clienteling, precise customer segments, resulting in higher customer engagement, increased sales, higher productivity, and cost-saving across all business functions.

Key features

Leads / Prospects / Clients

SAV repairs

Ecommerce transactions

Boutique dashboards


Sales teams


Data visualization

Boutique transactions

Security: Multi-Level Protection Scheme 2.0 certified

To achieve certification for Multi-Level Protection Scheme 2.0, Hublot's CRM system has undergone a rigorous audit process in compliance with the China Cybersecurity Law. Our custom CRM solution was fully audited with a focus on the systems communications methods, network protection, data security protection, and security operations and management procedures.

CRM audited and endorsed by KPMG

MLPS 2.0 Level 3 Certified from China Ministry of Public Security

Ongoing innovation and optimization

We continue to build and evolve the custom CRM, working as an augmented design and tech team with Hublot China to ensure smooth operations and iteratively develop more advanced functionality and innovative features to help their business grow.


“Digital Creative has been and continues to be a trusted and well-rounded partner for advancing the digital capability and driving the digital transformation of our Greater China business. Over the past four years of working together, the projects we've run, and the tools we've built together, have added tremendous value transversally within our organization and allowed us to both innovate and optimize our operations while also providing customer value & strengthening our visual communication.”

Tobias Bordal

Greater China Digital Director

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