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WeChat mini program development services


Sell your products directly to consumers in China with an ecommerce WeChat mini program for your brand that has a frictionless entry for users and higher conversions of engagement.

Retail touchpoints

Embrace offline to online through QR code accessed in-store digital touchpoints to enhance the customer experience, drive sales, and collect data for clienteling and marketing.

Membership & loyalty

Nurture existing customers through customized membership mini programs integrated with your CRM/sCRM that provide incentives and privileges while increasing omnichannel engagement.

Event augmentation

Enhance offline events with digital experience augmentation for guests to activate through wayfinding, augmented reality (AR) touchpoints, gamification, and social sharing.

Customer acquisition

Create interactive customer acquisition funnels using mini programs integrated into WeChat official accounts and sCRM to capture leads and prospects for your product or service.

Lifestyle services

From making cinema bookings, and ordering food to device rental, mini programs are the ideal interface for infrequently used tasks that allow users to authorize and transact quickly.

Front-end tech

Vue.js / React

Augmented reality (AR)

WebGL / Three.js

Tracking & analytics

Back-end tech



CMS + CRM builds

sCRM integrations

API development


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Featured WeChat mini program case studies

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Hublot China - Ecommerce WeChat mini program case study card

WeChat Ecommerce


UX / UI / WeChat mini program

Hublot Wechat owners mini program case study background card

WeChat Owners Club


UX / UI / WeChat mini program / Laravel

Featured WeChat mini program open source

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Why are WeChat mini programs popular?

WeChat mini programs don’t require downloading and installing like traditional apps, with many quick and easy entry points such as social sharing and scanning a QR code. With 78% of the population in China active monthly users of WeChat, there is an incredibly frictionless barrier to entry with functions like WeChat login and WeChat pay being integrated seamlessly in mini programs. The app-like user experience available without ever leaving WeChat or needing to make new user accounts for each app makes them highly convenient.

When to use a mini program vs mobile app?

WeChat mini programs are ideal for infrequently used, single-task, or social-driven user experiences - such as ordering an express delivery service on SF Express and then sharing the tracking number with the receiver on WeChat. Mobile apps are better suited for regular-use experiences that warrant leaving WeChat and using a single application - such as ordering meals on Ele.me or drivers on DiDi. However, both these examples have mini programs, most commonly leveraged for social aspects, such as group orders on Ele.me or splitting a bill on DiDi, shared from the app to WeChat.

What programming language are WeChat mini programs made in?

WeChat mini programs are developed using JavaScript and WXS (WeChat Script) combined with WXSS (WeChat Style Sheets) and WXML code. WXS is similar to Javascript but has its own syntax. WXSS is WeChat’s answer to CSS, and WXML is used to build the page structure with base components.

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