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Mobile app development services

In-store retail

Build in-store mobile and tablet apps that create interactive and educational experiences to engage and upsell products to your customers.


Create bespoke clienteling apps to capture your customers' behavior, analytics, and transactional data to optimize your sales and marketing processes.

IoT / Smart device

Build innovative IoT and smart device mobile apps that interface with your hardware to connect, communicate, and control via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID, and NFC.

GPS tracking

Mobile apps that track GPS coordinates in real-time using Gaode, Baidu, Huawei, iOS, and Google location services with interactive data and tracking visualization.


We specialize in Flutter to build cross-platform apps from one codebase, building mobile and tablet apps for iOS & Android and desktop and web applications.

App Store management

We publish and distribute your apps to the various Android App Stores in China, iOS, and Google Play Stores, helping you navigate compliance.

Back-end tech


API development

CMS + CRM builds

sCRM integrations


Team add-ons

UX + UI designer

Project manager

Business analyst

Back-end developer

QA tester

Technical director

Selected clients

Featured mobile app projects

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Power Bank Rental


Mobile app development


3D Ski Tracking App

Rolling Beast

Mobile app development

From concept to launch, we are your trusted mobile app team in China

  • Fully managed & dedicated teams of Flutter app developers.
  • Scale up or down each month with more or fewer developers.
  • Month-to-month terms so you’re not locked in.
  • Fully documented work to onboard and transition your new hires as you scale.

Why build apps with Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google, it combines the quality of native apps with the flexibility and speed of cross-platform development. It was ranked as the most loved framework by developers on StackOverflow due to its fantastic features and performance, and we couldn't agree more.

iOS and Android with one codebase

Flutter allows us to write one codebase and deploy it on both iOS, and Android. Typically to build native mobile applications, you would need to build one app for iOS (in Swift or Objective C), and another for Android (in Java). Dart is the single programming language used to develop Flutter apps, cross-platform.

Build apps faster and cheaper

Because there is a singular code-base to build your app in Flutter, this creates consistency and requires less time and resources to develop and maintain - that means a faster development cycle with a lower cost for you.

Native app-like quality

For other cross-framework tools, they can't render the same look and feel of a native app like Flutter does. Instead of building on top of native UI components (think React Native), Flutter draws the UI from scratch, maintaining the native experience and feel of the app, as well as its excellent performance across platforms.

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