rolling beast ski tracking app by Digital Creative wins FOW of the day

March 23, 2023
Shanghai, China - Digital Creative Asia, a leading digital product and UX agency based in Shanghai, has won FWA's prestigious Project of the Day award for its innovative Rolling Beast - 3D Ski Tracking App.

The FWA Project of the Day award is given to companies that demonstrate exceptional creativity, design, and functionality in their digital products. Digital Creative Asia's Rolling Beast - 3D Ski Tracking App stood out among the competition, impressing the judges with its unique user experience and innovative design.

Rolling Beast is a 3D ski tracking app designed to enhance the ski tracking experience for skiers and snowboarders. The app uses 3D ski resort maps, real-time tracking data, and rich information about trails and lifts to give users an immersive and informative experience on the slopes. Users can replay their ski runs in stunning 3D graphics, allowing them to relive their experience and analyze their performance. They can also explore the mountains and plan their routes using rich data, such as the inclination and distance of trails and lifts.

Digital Creative Asia wants to thank Rafael Milewski and Chabni Mohammed AbdElghafour, who worked tirelessly and got Rolling Beast where it is today. “Rolling Beast is a testament to Digital Creative Asia's commitment to delivering exceptional digital experiences that help our clients achieve their goals. This award recognizes our efforts, and we're proud to lead the way in digital product and UX design,” - said Samuel Jesse, Founder and Digital Director of Digital Creative Asia.

About Digital Creative Asia:

Digital Creative Asia is a leading digital product and UX agency based in Shanghai, China. Owned and operated by experienced designers and developers, Digital Creative Asia is committed to delivering exceptional digital experiences for their clients. The agency specializes in web and mobile app development, customized e-commerce solutions, UX/UI research, and design. Digital Creative Asia has a track record of successful projects for clients across various industries. Their expertise, constant pursuit of excellence, and dedication to delivering high-quality work have earned them a reputation as one of the region's top digital product and UX agencies.

About FWA:

Founded in 2000, FWA is a leading authority in the digital industry, showcasing cutting-edge websites, mobile apps, games, and digital products. FWA's panel of international judges includes some of the industry's most influential creatives, designers, and developers, who evaluate each submission based on creativity, user experience, and technical excellence. Winning an FWA award is a significant achievement for any digital project and signifies excellence and innovation in the digital industry.

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