Selected projects

Hublot China - Ecommerce WeChat mini program case study

WeChat Ecommerce


Ecommerce WeChat mini program

IKEA China - Concept store digital strategy case study

Instore Digital Strategy


User experience research & design


3D Ski Tracking App

Rolling Beast

Mobile app development

Ziva ecommerce website development case study by Digital Creative

Global Ecommerce Website


Ecommerce website design & development


Power Bank SaaS Rental


SaaS mobile & web app

Hublot China custom CRM dashboard development

Digital Data Capture CRM


Custom CRM development

Recap remote UX research in China & APAC cover image

Diary Study SaaS Tool


SaaS mobile & web app development

Hublot China - Owners Wechat mini program case study

WeChat Owners Club


Membership & loyalty WeChat mini program

Nike Direct China - Responsive website design & development case study

Interactive Web Campaign


Responsive web design & development

Crafting the experiences of tomorrow, where innovation meets technology

At Digital Creative, we don’t just build digital products; we design experiences and engineer platforms that define tomorrow. Based in Shanghai, China, we are more than a UX & tech agency; we're architects of growth for technology-driven companies and startups. From the seamless interactivity of web and mobile apps to the intricacy of HMI experiences, we lead the way in crafting digital landscapes.

As pioneers in custom software development in China, where digital maturity leads the world; we specialize in and thrive at developing complex digital ecosystems. From creating intuitive consumer touchpoints to engineering the robust backend applications that empower them, we help you navigate the complete spectrum of digital solutions. Your journey with us isn’t just about development; it’s about transformation. It's about turning your ideas into impactful, user-centric realities.

In every line of code and pixel of design, we infuse innovation. We sculpt platforms that aren't just digital - they're experiential. They’re not just functional - they're immersive. Your success isn't just a goal; it's a promise. With us, you're not just a client; you're a collaborator in a digital revolution. Welcome to a realm where technology meets creativity, and where your vision doesn’t just find shape – it finds wings.

You need best-in-class digital and we know how to make it happen


Drive your business decisions based on user data. Digital strategies using mixed methodology UX research with your target customers. We synthesize user data into actionable insights that shape your digital products.


Beauty in simplicity. We design clear, clean, easy-to-use interfaces that help your customers effortlessly achieve their tasks. Design systems run through our veins. Hit CTRL+g for a preview of our grids in use.


Digital products, built to perform. Fast, scalable, and secure business apps that connect customers to your brand and help your organization thrive with powerful data-centric back-end systems.

Our people bring the magic

We’re on the constant pursuit digital of excellence, taking no shortcuts getting there. Continually seeking ways to make your project unique and magical, we embrace and usher in digital transformation - in style. Connecting customers to your brand with delightful experiences is why we get up in the morning.

Photo of Digital Creative Agency - Huangpu, Shanghai office in China
Photo of Digital Creative Agency - Huangpu, Shanghai office in China

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